Dental accountancy is a tailored service of accounting to fit the needs for a dental company, this can involve the recording of payments processed. We can assist dentists who want to own their first practice and those looking to improve the financial state of their current practice. For this, you need an accountant who can keep up to date with legislative changes and has experience working with dental professionals across the UK. With so many regulations involved in a business, let alone in the medical industry, a qualified accountant is a crucial aspect of your work. You may not even realise the extent of time and money that thorough accounting systems can save you.


Accountancy isn’t just all about tax; it is also about streamlining your time.

With their payroll bureau services and accounting software packages, they can reduce the amount of time you spend on administrative work. Saving time equals saving money – you can spend more time with patients.

With practice valuations and expertise in purchasing and negotiating price, they are an invaluable tool in expanding your business.

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